Groundwater Management


Western Canal Water District (WCWD) has been a leader in groundwater management in concert with many Sacramento Valley water districts for over 20 years.  WCWD adopted an AB 3030 plan (Ca Water Code § 10750-10756) March 21, 1995 to manage groundwater basin extraction, recharge, conveyance and quality.  In October 2005 WCWD updated and adopted  the existing Groundwater Management Plan pursuant to California Water code §10753 et seq., AB 3030 and SB 1938.  

WCWD was instrumental in organizing the Butte Basin Water Users Association (BBWUA) in 1990.   The BBWUA members included Butte County, CIty of Chico, WCWD, Richvale ID, Biggs-West Gridley WD, Butte WD and Butte-Sutter Basin area groundwater users.   The BBWUA was instrumental in developing the Butte Basin Groundwater Model to simulate the historical period 1972-1992.  This work  is the foundation model for groundwater management in our area today.   BBWUA was dissolved in 2017 as a result of the passage of SGMA and formation of the Northern Sacramento Valley Integrated Regional Water Management (NSVIRWM) Group and development of the NSV IRWMP.  

Other partnerships

Butte County Water Advisory  and Technical Water Advisory Committees

Glenn  County Water Advisory Committee and Technical Water Advisory Committees

Lower Tuscan Investigation Study,  Aquifer System Characterization Program 2001, and Feather River Agricultural Water Management Plan


SGMA - Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

Basin Boundary Modification

Butte County, WCWD, Richvale ID, Butte WD and Biggs-West Gridley WD are proposing a basin boundary modification to enhance local control and management in the West and East Butte Subbasins in accordance with SGMA.  The proposed modification would create the new Butte Subbasin to better promote sustainable groundwater management and closely align existing planning.